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Windows 10 update: having issues with the installation?

May 11, 2016

By now you have probably about Windows 10, the latest operating system developed by Microsoft.

While coming with a huge range of benefits, including offering free downloads for a limited time, it has not come without complaints from numerous users about a variety of problems experienced during the installation of the system, and after.


  • Future proof existing workstations with the latest operating system.
  • Free downloads for a limited time only.
  • Improved boot speed offered by Windows 10.
  • We can install a Professional version for business use.
  • Older operating systems such as Windows XP are no longer considered secure as they are not supported by Microsoft.
  • Extend the support time period offered by Microsoft by moving to the latest operating system.
  • All the latest performance upgrades are included with Windows 10 compared to previous operating systems such as Windows 7.
  • Offers a similar format to previous operating systems, like the well-known Start Menu.
  • It is the only version of Windows with increased productivity through multiple desktop workspaces built in.
  • Cortana virtual assistant technology is included, free of charge.


  • Older workstations may not meet the requirements of Windows 10.
  • Some drivers may not be compatible.
  • Certain software applications may not be compatible.
  • The upgrade typically also uninstalls any anti-virus software on your workstation, which will require immediate reinstallation.


Less knowledgeable users have experienced down-time on their computers for up to a week following attempted and failed installations for Windows 10, including losing files and having to outsource a company to recover their documents. Avoid these issues and enlist the help of Eltoma’s IT experts on hand to assist throughout the entire installation process. We will ensure your workstation is fully functional, with all your previous anti-virus software installed and ready to use in as little as 3 hours (with prior notice after receiving your request).

Contact us today for a competitive installation price to enjoy all the benefits of Windows 10, without experiencing the typical system crashes and other technical issues.

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