Eltoma Corporate Services

Welcome to Eltoma Corporate Services. Established in 2004 by highly qualified and experienced management and corporate finance professionals, Eltoma Corporate Services provides individual solutions to our clients.

Operating from four offices located in Cyprus, Moscow, Singapore and Hong Kong we provide a personal service to all our clients.


Company formation & bank account management

Eltoma Corporate Services

Eltoma Corporate Services was established in 2004. For over 10 years our corporate products & services provide clients around the world with a great opportunity to solve a range issues regarding international tax planning, asset protection and the promotion of goods & services across various international markets. We offer a wide range of corporate solutions, from company formation and legal & tax maintenance, to incorporating and full administration of a complex holding structure.

  • Accounting and audit services
  • Tax planning
  • IT & software services
  • Immigration services
  • HR services
  • Marketing services for legal businesses

Eltoma’s high level of proficiency can be attributed and certified by our prestigious ACCA Platinum Employer Status, full recruitment license, as well as having ACRA Filing Agent status in Singapore.

Eltoma Corporate Services international team includes highly qualified specialists and experts from fields in accounting, audit, international tax planning, law and IT, using their extensive experience with large international enterprises. Due to our expertise and the experience we obtained a valuable network of clients and partners, handing us an enormous opportunity to diversify our activity considering today’s the current market trends and needs.

Due to a complex corporate approach, Eltoma Corporate Services together with a highly experienced international team has the edge and a number of key benefits over other service providers, due to our:

  • High level of proficiency
  • Individual approach
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility and capability to resolve issues of different complexity

Despite our achievements, we are committed to keep our top priorities being continuous growth and improvement. On a regular basis, Eltoma Corporate Services hold seminars and webinars where experts are always happy to share their experience; elaborate on new practical solutions, as well as to unveil the secrets of how to create and maintain a successful business.

Eltoma Corporate Services has made pleasing progress over years of operation. We started from a small office based in the Old Town of Limassol and expanded to renowned business hubs such as Singapore, St Petersburg and the UK, by proving our balanced approach to complex tasks and matters.

One of the key fundamental approaches to our business is the long and fruitful cooperation with clients and partners from different fields and professions.