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Company Milestones

2022 - Obtaining CPAA status by Eltoma in the UK (CPAA - Chartered Public Accountant)

We are glad to inform you that the director of Eltoma (UK) Limited Dmitry Kucheryuk (LLB, FCCA, FAIA, ICPAC, Singapore ATP (Income Tax), TEP) has successfully confirmed his qualifications in AIA (The Association of International Accountants) and received a Chartered Public Accountant Certificate (CPAA) for the British division of Eltoma.

We have every right to provide an unlimited range of tax and accounting services in the UK and Northern Ireland. The certificate indicates that Eltoma is a reliable service provider in this area.

Now our services are insured in accordance with the UK standards; we are the owner of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). This type of liability insurance is mandatory in the UK and guarantees customers complete protection.

The achievement of this certification is certainly a new chapter for our UK office and Eltoma.

2020 - Andrievskiy Capital Group and Eltoma Corporate Services Strategic Alliance

We are glad to inform you about the launching of a new strategic alliance and the successful signing in February 2020 of a cooperation agreement between Andrievskiy Capital Group and Dmitry Kucheryuk, Managing Director of Eltoma Corporate Services.

Andrievskiy Capital Group is an independent family office in Cyprus founded in 2010 by Alexei Andrievsky.

Alexey Andrievsky is a well-known European financial analyst and private banking consultant, a member of the Russian Guild of Investment and Financial Analysts (GIFA) as well as the author of numerous publications and analytical articles, including a documentary on the history and current trends of Swiss banks.

The strategic alliance of the recognised leader in the investment and financial consulting Alexey Andrievsky and the international expert in the sphere of tax planning and asset protection Dmitry Kucheryuk will allow Eltoma Corporate Services to solve problems of any complexity and scale in structuring, taxing and managing the private capital of wealthy clients.

2020 - Eltoma Singapore has successfully filed 100% of its Singapore client tax returns!

Eltoma Singapore are proud to announce the preparation and successful filling of the tax return for the majority of our Singapore-based clients (100%!). Filing for the Year of Assessment (YA)  ends on March 1st. Our continued goal is to ensure the timely and comprehensive completion of all tax requirementsfor our clients to the highest possible standard.

For any upcoming IRAS due dates applicable to your Singapore company in ,contact us, we have local specialists on hand who would be happy to help.

2019 - Eltoma Marketing: Launch of Digital Marketing Activities for Clients

Eltoma Group is happy to announce the opening of a new business line - Eltoma Marketing.

Among the mainservices we offer:

  • Building up a digital-strategy for expanding business to foreign markets (Asia (Singapore, China, Hong Kong), Europe (EU));
  • Developing of websites;
  • Promotion of the company's website in search engines in Russian and English (comprehensive SEO analysis and site improvements, optimisation, writing unique SEO content in English, Russian and Chinese as well as adapting existing content to search engines algorithms)
  • SMM -creating of a content strategy and its implementation, targeted advertising;
  • Contextual advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex. Direct;
  • Content marketing (writing and proofreading of texts in Russian and English).

Additionally, you may find out more information about the new business line here: www.eltoma-marketing.com

2018- Obtaining of Singapore Financial Licence (RFMC)

Eltoma Corporate Services has received RFMC licence for one of its customers in Singapore.

Obtaining of a financial licence in Singapore allows your company to operate successfully on financial markets. The implementation of financial licences for companies in Singapore has strengthened both the regulation in the jurisdiction itself and the regulation on trusts. Therefore, receiving of a licence is beneficial for the company's reputation among investors and businessmen.

If you are interested in obtaining of a financial licence in Singapore, please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to provide professional assistance.

Our Company Director's Fellowship Admissions & Qualifications

Eltoma CorporateServices very own Company Founder & Director, Mr Dmitry Kucheryuk, received the following accreditation's & qualifications:

  • Dmitry was admitted to The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus on October 20th 2009. ICPAC is the competent body for regulating the accounting and audit profession in Cyprus.
  • Became a fellow of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in September 2009. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification.
  • Become a fellow at the Association of International Accountants on December 15th 2010.
  • Dmitry sat and passed the ICPAC aptitude test with distinction, on the topics of Cyprus Corporate and Business Law and Cyprus Taxation in December 2012.

2017- The Launch of Eltoma’s Cyprus Corporate Foundation Courses

This summer, Eltoma Corporate Services is delighted to announce starting a new training initiative with Eltoma Training Academy based on a series of 2-day foundation classroom courses from the Limassol offices in Cyprus; with the aim being to reach out to young professionals and university students interested to learn more about the corporate services sphere.

Pamela Miller CIS, Cert.ICSA, Assoc CIPD, CITP led the seminar, addressing topics such as regulations within offshore financial centres, AML legislation and all regulations surrounding the operation & maintenance of a company, including liquidations & taxation.

The first event was held in July and was great success! Read more about the course and other training modules on offer here.

Eltoma Receives the Hong Kong Trust & Company Service Provider License (TCSP)

Due to our continued expansion into the Asian market; Eltoma Corporate Services is proud to announce successful receipt of the Hong Kong Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) License under Hong Kong’s recently incorporated TCSP licensing regime.

Under the new licensing regime, all Service Providers and Trusts in Hong Kong are required to pass a fit and proper test before they can successfully apply for a licence from the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies. The Eltoma Group is committed to providing the highest possible level of service and as a company we take compliance extremely seriously; the license represents more ways to make this a reality for our clients.

2017 - Tatiana Cherkes has received the ACCA qualification

Tatiana Cherkes, ourAccountant in Cyprus office, has taken her final exams to get ACCA qualifications and become a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The certification requires 14 exams to be successfully passed in order to get an up market ACCA qualification, which confirms to the international educational standards of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). On behalf of Eltoma Corporate Service we would like to congratulate Tatiana on this achievement and look forward to her new successes in accountancy.

2016 - Ms Rimma Borovik, our very own Chief Compliance Officer in Singapore has passed her CIIM Financial Services Regulatory Framework: Advanced CySEC Examination

The course specifications included:

  • Reception & transmission in relation to various fiscal tools.
  • Executing orders on behalf of clients
  • on behalf of one’s own account.
  • Portfolio Administration & organisation.
  • How to deliver investment advice.
  • Supporting & placing fiscal instruments either on a commitment or ad-hoc basis.

Eltoma Recruitment Launched First HR Seminar

Eltoma Recruitmentheld their first in-house HR event by our team of specialists including HR and Recruitment Experts. The team shared inside tips and information relating to HR & recruitment advising on the main challenges and problems that everycompany can come across. It was a great success!

The agenda covered:

  • Recruitment Overview: common challenges HR departments face & effective solutions.
  • Performance Management: how to handle & achieve results within your company and as a successful HR department.
  • Annual Leave Policies: Leave types & fulfilling the legal requirements.
  • SickLeave: discussing all legal obligations & addressing common mistakes madeby Employers.
  • Redundancy: the correct way to action as well as conforming to legal action.

2016 - Eltoma's Kiev Team Hosted a Business Breakfast

Presenters Mr Evgeny Matrosov and Miss Alina Kulikovska hosted the event in Kiev, Ukraine. With over20 guests in attendance, the main points of discussion were surrounding the main aspects of deoffshorisation in Ukraine and the best practice ofinternational business operations. The event was Eltoma's first in Ukraine and it was a great success!

2015 - Kiev Office Opening

Eltoma Corporate Services expanded to Kiev by opening our fourth fully functioning office in anew country, Ukraine. Now we are available to provide a more personalised service to our Ukrainian clients both existing and new. See below for contactdetails.

You can contact ourKiev team on this number: +380 44 338 36 49

Or pay them a visit at the office:

24, 4a Verkhny Val Street.

Kyiv, Ukraine.

They would love to hear from you!

2016 - Companies House Seminar Attendance

In May, EltomaCorporate Services participated at the seminar of Companies House in the UK tolearn about the latest developments and legislative changes to UK law.

Eltoma's Founding Director Achieved TEP Status

Eltoma's own Founding Director, Dmitry Kucheryuk gained TEP status; satisfying all requirements for full membership of STEP and is now accordingly duly registered as a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner. Well done Dmitry!

2016 - London Chamber of Commerce Membership Status

In May 2016, Eltoma Corporate Services became member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2015 - Eltoma Holdings Limited attended the ICSA event in Cyprus

On the 20th of April, Eltoma Holdings Limited attended the informal ICSA event in Nicosia Cyprus.ICSA (The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) trains, informs & represents the interests of governance professionals for all business sectors.

Dina Paschenik Has Passed Several ICSA Exams

The Governance Institute is a professional body that certifies company secretaries through examination and qualification programmes. Dinas role in the company will be enriched with passing the exams with extinction. Eltoma Corporate Services supports and encourages professional development and continued studying within all departments.

CySEC: Granted Approved Service Provider Status

Eltoma Holdings Limited was granted a CySEC licence which means the company is now fully regulated and compliant with all the laws and legislation in Cyprus in areas such as KYC, AML and tax payments.

Licence Number: 152/196 Licence Date: 08/02/2016

Company Registration Number: 149028

This means the companyis now fully regulated and compliant with all the laws and legislation in Cyprus in areas such as KYC, AML and tax payments.

2014 - Our Company Director Passed the IRAS Course to Become an Accredited Tax Practitioner

After sitting the IRAS Tax Academy course in October 2014, our very own Company Director Mr Dmitry Kucheryuk passed exams to become an Accredited Tax Practitioner with the official qualification being granted later in June 2015.

2014 - Live Webinar Hosting Launched

On regular basis our experts now host free educational webinars on a variety of business, taxation and incorporation topics.

Achieved Filing Agent status

Eltoma Corporate Services has been approved as a Filing Agent and can now assist with any Singapore Company filing requirements upon transfer in.

2014 - Official Opening of our Moscow Office Doors

Alternatively you candrop us a line, our direct office contact number is: +7 (499) 704 54 14

2014 - ACCA Platinum Employer Status Approved

On the 11th ofSeptember 2014, Eltoma underwent a monitoring visit by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which resulted in maintaining its prestigious “ACCA Approved Platinum Employer” status.

On the 11th of September 2014, Eltoma underwent a monitoring visit by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which resulted in maintaining its prestigious “ACCA Approved Platinum Employer”status.

During this visit, ACCA requested evidence in relation to the training, development and support Eltoma provides to its ACCA trainees, students and members. The feedback received at the end of the visit indicates that we continue to carry out an excellent job with regard to these points and as such, will maintain its“ ACCA Approved Platinum Employer” status.

The outcome of the monitoring visit recognises the high quality, support and developmental opportunities Eltoma provides to all its ACCA trainees, students and members, which are over and above the global best practices.

2014 - St Petersburg Office Opening

Eltoma expanded further a field by opening our third fully functioning office in a new country, Russia. Now we are available to our clients in two major Russian cities: Moscow & Saint Petersburg!

Professional Seminars Launched

Eltoma Corporate Services has launched its international seminar project with the first being held in Cyprus in 2013.

Seminars are of special interest and use to top managers, lawyers, economists and experts dealing with corporate law and migration legislation, managers and business owners of international companies, as well as to entrepreneurs & individuals wanting to expand their businesses, study or reside in foreign countries.

We are dedicated to share our professional knowledge and advise on the most recent international corporate and taxation regulations. Our annual seminars are held internationally in various countries: Cyprus, Russia and Singapore.

2010 - Opening of the Eltoma (Singapore) Pte Ltd Office

In 2010 we decided to establish an office in Singapore, as Eltoma's existing and prospective client swere interested in new investment opportunities. A primary goal of the officeis to offer a springboard for clients to develop business in South East Asia from Singapore. The Singapore office now has a well-established infrastructure;a business friendly environment; a highly educated workforce and a sound banking system.

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