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International & Overseas Bank Accounts

Are you looking to obtain a residence permit fora job or make a real estate purchase in an overseas country? Are you searching for ways to save money while organising international purchases and services? Opening a bank account in your choice destination will dimmish any risks associated with changes in currency control, devaluation, inflation, and will allow you to maintain confidentiality.

Having a bank account in a foreign jurisdiction has a positive effect on business reputation, provides an opportunity to take advantage of international loan offers and conclude new partnership contracts.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you want to open a bank account, the requirements for opening an account will vary. In some countries, banks will require physical presence, however there are also countries where banks are more trusting, and there is no need to visit the country to open a bank account for both legal entities and individuals.

Eltoma can significantly simplify the entire process of opening a bank account in your choice destination, prepare the necessary documentation, communicate with the bank on your behalf and much more. Thereby making the procedure for opening an account much more straightforward and effortless.

List of Banks We Cooperate with

Bank Name
Our Fees
ING Bank (Poland)
1-3 months
From €1650 EUR
MKB Bank (Hungary)
1-2 months
From $1000 USD
Mag Net Bank (Hungary)
1-2 months
From $1000 USD
CIM Bank (Switzerland)
1-4 months
From $500 USD
Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus)
1-2 months
From €700 EUR
Bendura Bank (Liechtenstein)
from 1 month
From $1000 USD
UniBank (Armenia)
from 1-2 months
From ֏120000 AMD
Hellenic Bank (Cyprus)
3-4 weeks
From €700 EUR
Alpha Bank (Greece)
from 3 weeks
From €700 EUR
Astro Bank (Cyprus)
from 1.5 months
From €700 EUR
CG Bank Dubai (Dubai)
from 1 month
From €1000 EUR
Morabank (Andorra)
from 2 weeks
From €1300 EUR
Globitex (Lithuania)
from 2 days
From €750 EUR

Detailed Service Price List

Fees (EUR)
Consultation  and selection of jurisdiction for opening a bank account
Organisation of meetings with banks
From €70
Accompanying the client during a meeting with a bank employee
From €70
Preparation of all documentation required to open an account
From €250
Recommendations for creating an Internet presence for a company (website) to open an account (if necessary)
From €70
Familiarisation with changes in the requirements of banks
From €100
Selection of the best option based on your individual needs
From €150

For more information, please contact our banking specialists of Eltoma Legal & Corporate Services info@eltoma-global.com

* The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

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