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Registration, Maintenance &
Liquidation of Overseas Companies

Are you planning to enter the international market? Are you having difficulty choosing a form of presence in an overseas jurisdiction? Having trouble understanding the registration process and how it works in order to avoid potential problems in future?

Has your company become inactive, and are you considering selling, transferring or voluntarily liquidating? One of the easiest and most legitimate ways to cover all aspects of company maintenance is to outsource core business processes to service providers to free up time and ensure compliance with all regulations and annual company requirements.

Eltoma Legal & Corporate Services is a reliable organisation assisting in company registration for over 15 years. Our company strictly adheres to individual privacy policies. We also provide corporate maintenance services, we take into account insurance quotes, asset protection, cost reduction, risk management, and business liquidation services during the process of implementation.

Detailed Service Price List

Fees (EUR)
Consultation on company registration and advice on jurisdiction selection
Assistance  in the preparation of all necessary documentation
From €200
Filling out application forms required for registering a company
From €70
Submission of all the documentation and communication with government agencies
From €150
Provision of registered office address, Secretary & Nominee Director services
From €1000
Comprehensive bookkeeping & accounting services
From €500
Audit support services
From €700
The preparation and filing of tax returns and other annual reports
From €550
Preparation and filing of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
From €600
Document  submission services
From €70
Consultation on taxation related to the company's activities
From €300
Consultation on the company liquidation procedure
Submission of the necessary information and application for company liquidation
From €150
Assistance in the selection of a liquidator
From €300
Assistance with the preparation and collection of documentation necessary for company liquidation
From €150

* The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

For more information, contact EL&CS specialists, we would be happy to set up a no obligation consultation today (in person or via skype).

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