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Foreign Brokerage Licenses

Do you want to carry out brokerage activities with peace of mind that all legalities and regulations are being met, without fear of facing fines for all income received from activities carried out without a license?

Our experts will be happy to help structure your company and obtain all necessary foreign brokerage licenses in order to conduct business legitimately and soundly.

Licensed brokerages protects owners from legal problems and demonstrates customer confidence.

Detailed Service Price List

Fees (EUR)
Consultation on obtaining  the relevant brokerage license
From €300
Preparation of all the required  documentation
From €500
Registration of companies  for the provision of brokerage services
From €1200
Opening bank accounts for  transactions around the world
From €750
Accompanying the client  throughout the entire process of obtaining a license
From €500
Consultation on all the  emerging issues: taxation, accounting, intellectual property, compliance,  securities, etc.
From €300
Assistance in the  certification of financial activities in the European Union*
From €450

For more information on brokerage license obtaining, please contact our specialists by e-mail info@eltoma-global.com.

* The procedure for notifying a company established in an EEA country to the government authorities of another EU member state about the intention to provide brokerage services on its territory. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for obtaining a license,which affects the expected scale of work and the list of services that the licensee is entitled to provide.
** The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
***Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

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