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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s economy was originally agriculturally based however recent diversification has taken place and Costa Rica has become a member of the World Trade Organisation in addition to developing numerous incentives to promote business and trade.
The most common form of company used in Costa Rica is the “Sociedad Anonima” as shareholders are not liable for the actions of the company.

The main advantages of S.A’s arelisted below:

  • A S.A. offers a high degree of privacy and anonymity.
  • 4 Members are required for a S.A – President, Secretary, Treasurer &Controller. Board Directors appear on public record.
  • Shareholders do not appear on public record.
  • Costa Rica is not a member of the Hague Convention therefore if a bank account is planned to be opened outside of Costa Rica, then the corporate documents have to be legalised. Legalisation costs depend on the specific countries Consulates rates.
  • Incorporation timescale – between 20 - 40 working days.
  •  An S.A operates a territorial taxation principle; the company only pays taxes according to the income generated in Costa Rica.
  • There are no reporting or accountingrequirements.
  • Costa Rica is not considered an offshore entity and has several Free Trade Agreements in place (US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean). There are also negotiation sunderway with China and the EU.

There is no requirement to travel to Costa Rica in order tofollow registration procedures for a company.

The following process is followed in order toregister:

  • A Deed of Registration is drafted and executed before a Notary   Public.
  • A Notice of Registration is published in the Official Gazette.
  • Once registered the corporation must request the approval of the   legal accounting books before the Tax Authorities.
  • Once the books are authorised the shareholders registry book is  updated accordingly and share certificates are issued.

The above registration process takes approximately 2 weeks.

Detailed Service Price List- Costa Rica Company Incorporation

Fees (EUR)
Consultation regarding company structure and general registration in  Costa Rica
Registration of a company in Costa Rica
From €1850
Obtaining of a company in Costa Rica registration certificate
From €350
Provision of a legal address (for a period of 1 year)
From €500
Register of the company’s directors and shareholders preparation in accordance with the requirements of Costa Rica
From €150
Obtaining of a share certificate for a company in Costa Rica
From €250
Registered agent, i.e. a person representing the company and interacting  with government agencies in Costa Rica
From €400
Obtaining of a company seal and registering it in accordance with the  laws of Costa Rica
From €200
Affixed apostille certifying the authorised bodies in Costa Rica
From €200
Appointment of a  Director (for a period of 1 year)
From €400
Appointment of a Shareholder (for a period of 1 year)
From €235
Power of attorney
From €400
Bank account opening for a company in Costa Rica
From €900
Shelf company in Costa Rica
Upon request

If you have any questions regarding incorporation in Costa Rica, please contact our specialists: info@eltoma-global.com

* The Service fees placed on the website are intended forgeneral information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect themost current legal developments

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