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Is a business you own not generating the income you anticipated? Is the company operating at a loss due to a lack of cashflow?Are you unable to find professional specialists, an effective management and remuneration system?

Are you faced with difficulties related to product promotion, or competition with the range of goods and services youoffer? Is the company rapidly losing its market position compounded by an economic crisis or other structural shifts?

Or perhaps you are looking to switch to a new business and wish to focus more attention and resources on it? If you answered yes to any of the above, it may indicate that your business is experiencing limitations in finances, management, production, organisation or market value and you may need to cut your losses.

Eltoma Legal & Corporate Services employs professionals who are ready to assist with delicate matters such as the sale of a business.

Enlist us and have no worries about justifying a chosen sale price, finding an interested buyer, and you can also be sure that the company will be tied up correctly and thoroughly. This is evidenced by our specialists' previous experience with other business owners who sold their company before you.

Detailed Service Price List

Fees (EUR)
Consultation related to the sale of a business
From €300
Collection and preparation of all necessary documents and certificates
From €400
Preparation of an auditor's report
From €550
Revision of contracts relevant to the sale (lease renewals, updated  property valuation)
From €250
Preparation of accounting documents
From €400
Obtaining of certificates from banks about the state of the business,  the absence of debts and the turnover of the account
From €200
Conducting of an independent business valuation
From €450
Preparation of a marketing review*
From €300
Preparation of a business plan for the coming period
From €800
Preparation of legally developed options for the sale of a business
From €800
Determining the terms of sale and calculating the value of the business
From €600
Preparation of an explanatory note for the buyer
From €500
Assistance in  finding of a buyer
From €800
Assistance in sales negotiations
From €250
Legal support of the sale
From €2000

*description of servicesand products, capacity and market share that the company covers, analysis ofconsumers, competitors, product policies etc.
* The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation.
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments.

If you have any questions, please contact usby e-mail info@eltoma-global.com. We would be happy to set up a no obligation consultation today (in person or via skype).

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