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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The formation of a Cayman Islands Company is a tax efficient solution forinternational entrepreneurs.

Some of the many benefits of incorporating a companyin the Cayman Islands are listed below:

  • All documents and legislation are in the official language of English.
  • There are no annual reporting, accounting or auditing requirements for an Offshore Cayman Islands Company.
  • Only one shareholder and one Director isrequired. These can be the same person or a corporate body and do not need to include a local.
  • There is a complete lack of direct taxation; no corporation, property, capital gains or withholding taxes. This legislationis backed by a 20-year government guarantee (rising to 30 years on application) enabling long term business planning.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement for aCayman Island Company formation.
  • The business does not need to be run from the Cayman Islands. It can be run from anywhere in the world.
  • Corporate bank accounts.

The procedure for the formation of a Cayman Islands Offshore Company is fast and efficient. The general process is as follows:

For an individual, the following documents are required:

  •  A completed application form with details ofpreferred name and beneficial directors and shareholders (nationality, countryof residence, address, profession etc.).
  • A scanned and notarised copy of the passportsof the Beneficial Directors and shareholders are required.
  • A photocopy of another official document (suchas Driving License, ID Card etc.) notarised to confirm the copy is a true copyand the photo holds a true likeness.
  • An original proof of residence showing the name and address of the individual. This can be in the form of a utility bil lor bank statement and must not be older than 3 months.
  • Two original letters of introduction. This can be from a bank, Lawyer, Accountant or similar profession.

For a Company, the following documents are required:

  • A certified copy of the Certificate ofRegistration.
  • A certified copy of the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • A certified copy of the Registered Shareholders with details of shares held by each.
  • A certified copy of Register of Directors.
  • A certified copy of the Register of Offices.
  • For at least 2 Directors, the documents setout in ‘Individual’ section above.
  • At this point Eltoma, will issue an invoice for a Cayman Islands Company Formation. Upon receipt of payment we can start the incorporation process.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association will be sent to the Registrar of Companies along with a sworn statement that the company will conduct business activities outside of the island. The Memorandum of Association will include: the company name, the company’s registered office address, the company’s function and objectives, the company’s share capital and an explanation of liability.
  • Once the Memorandum of Association has been accepted, The Registrar of Companies will issue the company a Certificate of Incorporation.

Detailed Service Price List- Cayman Islands Company Incorporation

Fees (EUR)
Consultation regarding company structure and general registration in Cayman  Islands
Registration of a company in Cayman Islands
From €4900
Obtaining of company in Cayman Islands registration certificate
From €250
Provision of a  legal address (for a period of 1 year)
From €500
Register of the company’s directors and shareholders preparation in  accordance with the requirements of Cayman Islands
From €150
Obtaining of a share certificate for a company in Cayman Islands
From €300
Registered agent, i.e. a person representing the company and interacting  with government agencies in Cayman Islands
From €400
Obtaining of a company seal and registering it in accordance with the  laws of Cayman Islands
From €250
Affixed apostille certifying the authorised bodies of the Cayman  Islands
From €200
Appointment of a Director (for a period of 1 year)
From €400
Appointment of a Shareholder (for a period of 1 year)
From €235
Power of attorney
From €350
Bank account opening for a company in Cayman  Islands
From €900
Shelf company in Cayman Islands
Upon request

If you have any questions regarding incorporation in the Cayman Islands, please contact our specialists: info@eltoma-global.com

* The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

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