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Unsure about the correctness of compliance with the organisational and control requirements that the law imposes on the companies' management regarding the prevention of illegal actions of employees or counterparties?

Do you want to create internal organisational structures to prevent violations of laws and provide you with protection from possible liability in the event of illegal actions of counterparties and employees?

Do you need help screening a potential employee to hire more reliable staff and avoid penalties and fines? Do you need a personal credit check when opening accounts with a foreign bank or just when travelling abroad to avoid unnecessary complications and costs? We can assist companies in a variety of jurisdictions to comply with the differing international regulations surrounding international compliance and AML regulatory checks.

Eltoma Corporate Services can assist, carrying out a rigorous compliance process that assumes a thorough investigation, vetting and compilation of a full data report or background check on potential contractors, partners or even your own company.

Involving an enhanced compliance platform and IT solutions, the research is conducted in a quick and efficient way, which makes it impactful when effecting transactions and deals, signing contracts, or even undergoing bank or legal procedures to prove one’s good standing.

Detailed Service Price List

Fees (EUR)
Compliance risk management services*
From €850
Due Diligence for individuals
From €200
Due Diligence for legal entities
From €250
Guidance on the proper application and interpretation of regulatory standards
From €300
Implementation  and support of effective policies, procedures and practices for regulated  types of activities regarding AML/CFT policies
From €350
Staff training on key compliance issues
From €250
Provision of analysis and compliance controls with regulatory norms,  detection of offenses / inconsistencies with the regulatory framework**
From €500
Regular preparation of management level reports on compliance issues
From €350
Identification, assessment and management of compliance risks
From €400

* Identity confirmation, passport verification, criminal background & record checks, sanctions & enforcement checks, state-owned enterprise checks, politically exposed person (PEP) checks, court filing checks, adverse media checks.
**Due Diligence checks, internal investigations, enquiries into client complaints.
*** The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
****Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

Contact us, we would be happy to assist with all matters surrounding compliance, risk management and client due diligence matters. You can get more detailed information by writing to us at info@eltoma-global.com.

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