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Foreign Investment Funds

Are you tired of adapting to regulatory changes in legislation in the financial market sphere? Are you worried about the risks of investing with third party funds through an unregulated investment fund? Do you want to legalise your core business and gain access to the real capital market? We will be happy to assist you and ensure complete confidentiality. Eltoma Corporate & Legal Services will be happy to assist in the establishment of a foreign investment fund and obtain a financial license from the regulator of the selected jurisdiction.

Detailed Service Price List

Analysis of the client's  business and assistance in choosing the optimal structure and type of fund*
From €1000
Assistance in selecting the  ideal fund jurisdiction
Preparation of all necessary  internal documentation
From €1500
Registration address establishment
From €70
Submission of an application  to the registration chamber
From €70 (additional charges may be levied)
Development of internal  procedures**
From €1500
Maintenance of accounting and audit support
From €350
Preparation of tax and financial statements
From €450
Assistance in obtaining a  license and permission from the country of registration regulator for the activities of the fund
From €900
Assistance in developing a marketing strategy and promoting the fund's services***
From €4500
Assistance in choosing or organising a fund management company (regulated fund)
From €950
Assistance in the selection  of qualified personnel for the requirements of the regulator (Fit and Proper  test)
From €700
Assistance in organising  compliance and AML functions of the fund
From €1000
Assistance in creating  substance in the country of registration
From €1250

*there are fundamental differences between public and non-public funds, for more information on the differences between the two funds, please contact us.
**for example, the procedure for accepting partners, guidelines for managing a partnership, procedures for excluding from a partnership, liquidation procedures, etc.
***in certain countries, there are requirements for advertising.
**** The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
*****Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments 

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