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Key features and benefits of company registration in Gibraltar include:

  • Non-resident companies are exempt from tax on profits earned outside of the territory of Gibraltar or transferred to Gibraltar.
  • Requirement for a minimum share capital of GDP£100.
  • There is no requirement for non-resident companies to have more than one Director.
  •  A Director may be a natural or legal person.
  •  A company with one Shareholder is permitted.
  • A Secretary who is a resident of Gibraltar is mandatory.
  • Availability of a public register however there is the possibility of using Nominee Shareholders.

Typically, companies in Gibraltar are used in order to:

  • Operate as a trading company.
  • Act as a holding company.
  • Hold property or other assets.
  • Own or operate ships and vessels.
  • Act as an investment company.

Detailed Service Price List- Gibraltar Company Incorporation

Fees (USD)
Consultation regarding  company structure & general registration in Gibraltar
Registration of a company in BVI
From €4450
Provision of a  legal address (for a period of 1 year)
From €1300
Registration of  agent services (for a period of 1 year)
From €1000
Resident  secretary services (for a period of 1 year)
From €1000
Package of  constituent documents of a company in Gibraltar
From €350
Obtaining of a  company seal and registering it in accordance with the laws of Gibraltar
From €150
Obtaining of a share certificate for a company in Gibraltar
Appointment of  a Shareholder (for a period of 1 year)
From €600
Appointment of  a Secretary (for a period of 1 year)
From €500
Power of Attorney
From €400
Apostille of documentation
From €100
Bank account  opening for a company in Gibraltar
From €900
Shelf company in Gibraltar
Upon request

For more information, please contact the specialists of our company at info@eltoma-global.com.

* The Service fees placed on the website are intended for general information purposes only and may differ from the final quotation
**Some of the information stated may no longer reflect the most current legal developments

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