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Cyprus to become a member of the Schengen information system

June 5, 2023

Cyprus has successfully undergone a positive assessment and will officially become a part of the Schengen Information System on July 25th, 2023. This achievement comes after years of dedicated efforts.

This development signifies that Cyprus will now have the capability to exchange valuable information with other Schengen member states. This exchange of information will greatly contribute to the country's efforts in preventing and investigating criminal activities. Additionally, it will provide Cyprus with improved border management and control by enabling the tracking of individuals, objects, and vehicles.

The Schengen Information System (SIS) holds immense significance as an information-sharing mechanism among European Union (EU) member states. Its primary objective is to bolster cross-border security measures and combat crime through the exchange of pertinent data concerning individuals, vehicles, and objects that pose potential threats to public safety. The SIS serves as a centralized computer database that grants authorized national authorities the ability to input, store, and access specific data related to individuals, objects, and vehicles linked to or involved in criminal activities.

Law enforcement agencies from both EU and non-EU countries within the Schengen Area rely on the SIS to prevent, detect, and investigate various crimes. This valuable system provides a comprehensive range of information, including details about missing persons, wanted individuals, stolen items, and vehicles. Furthermore, the SIS plays a critical role in effectively managing and controlling borders by monitoring the movement of individuals, objects, and vehicles.

One of the significant advantages of the SIS is the facilitation of enhanced cooperation between member states in combating cross-border crime. By sharing information on criminal activities, law enforcement agencies can collaborate to prevent crime and apprehend fugitives who have sought refuge in other countries. This collaborative effort is particularly crucial in cases of serious crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, and drug smuggling.

The functioning of the SIS involves authorized national authorities inputting, storing, and accessing specific data regarding individuals, objects, and vehicles associated with or potentially involved in criminal activities. This data encompasses personal information like names, dates of birth, and photographs, as well as details regarding the nature of the crime, its location, and date, along with any associated objects or vehicles.

Cyprus's inclusion in the Schengen Information System marks a significant milestone in its quest to enhance security and strengthen cooperation with other member states. The SIS serves as a critical instrument in the battle against crime, and its advantages are evident. By becoming a part of the SIS, Cyprus will have the opportunity to exchange information and collaborate with fellow member states, thus contributing to a safer Europe for all.

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