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How family offices benefit high net worth individuals

Family offices are essentially private wealth management advisory firms that serve high-net-worth (HNW) investors. They are different from traditional wealth management advisories in that they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of affluent individuals or families.

Obtaining an EMI license in Singapore: pros & cons

Technology is transforming Singapore’s payments landscape and has reduced the obstacles to entry to running a payments business. This, as well as the prolific adoption of the use of smartphones and tablets, has made it easier than ever for companies to obtain clients digitally.

Obtaining an EMI license in Hong Kong: pros & cons

An Electronic Money Institution (popularly known as an EMI for short) is a fully licensed financial institution which engages in electronic payment services. The full license for a Hong Kong electronic money institution currently has no restrictions to either trading period or sector of activities.

Obtaining an EMI license in Cyprus: pros & cons

The provision of Payment Services in Cyprus is regulated by The Payment Services and Access to Payment Systems Laws of 2018 and 2019, which transposed into national law regarding the provisions of the Payment Services Directive in the Cyprus market. With the license, an EMI in Cyprus may offer its services freely within the entire EU market.

Obtaining an EMI license in UK: pros & cons

The Electronic Money Directive is the UKs answer to controlling and standardising Electronic Money Regulations and electronic money institutions. The regulations have now created a separate authorisation for issuers of electronic money in the UK that are not full credit institutions, unions, or publicly funded banks.

Immigration Permit

Category F immigration permit offers permanent staying in Cyprus without need to obtain any visas, residence permit renewals or re-entry permits. Category F immigration permit can be granted to a person who can secure an annual income of an adequate amount from abroad (not earned in Cyprus).

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