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Demand Generation Marketing for Medium-large Companies: 100 - 1000 Clients

February 23, 2018

Demand Generation marketing efforts refer to the various marketing approaches companies of different sizes and stages of commerce need in order to drive attention, interest and retain clients. Essentially what turns a start-up to a sustainable large business that may have even have grown internationally.

Reaching the 100 clients mark means this is more work than any one person in the company can keep track of, and the business must have a significantly larger budget. In terms of marketing this is huge, as the company now has access to real client data and general branding activities. It’s time to organise all these resources and drive the business to the next 100 clients and so on. To do this, all companies will need to utilise 2 main internal resources: client data and integrated systems.


Learn from and apply data to scale and perform in more advanced ways. Take the wealth of data that you possess in terms of marketing value (statistics such as close rates, the reach rate of different mediums, CTAs etc.) and this to better understand your client interaction with different channels, and to mostly optimise each stage of your current internal processes. In the beginning it was likely you were hiring generalists who could multi-task in different departments, now it’s time to start looking for specialists.

Use client data to take smart risks. Now that you know how to attain clients in more of a predictable way, this may be taking a small percentage of your budget to allocate to a new or never tried before tactic.


During the new start-up phase, most employees and founders alike are figuring the company out in these early stages, as the business develops, so too has complexity. As your teams have increased, implementation becomes more complex, perhaps with offices even in different locations. At this stage of business, it is necessary to validate and reinforce systems and processes, finding proficiencies within those processes.

Simplification and universalisation is crucial for the business now. Look for ways to increase predictability whilst reducing complexity. Simplify processes and goals and remove confusion as barriers to growth. Cut it down to the key processes that matter to the business and put in place systems to eventually cover every eventuality.


Ensure to implement the efficiencies that should come with growing in size and scale. Prepare for contingency plans with varying complexities and outcomes. Above all: stimulate your base clients or the first 10 clients. Use your clients and their stories to become your marketing department and sales team; this is an extremely effective marketing technique that will become invaluable to any large and growing company.

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