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Demand Generation Marketing for New Businesses: 0 - 10 Clients

February 21, 2018

Demand Generation marketing efforts refer to the various marketing methods companies of different sizes and stages of commerce require in order to drive attention and interest in products & services, to acquire clients, essentially what turns a solid proposal into a sustainable business.

As companies develop and grow, in turn so their marketing priorities and budgets. What is required to obtain the first 10 clients will be entirely different to the first 100. So, for any new start-ups considering appropriate demand gen marketing, the following initial questions have to be established:

  1. How do you find early leads for your product or service?
  2. Once you have identified them, how do you build on that success?
  3. How do you turn these efforts into a collaborative, scalable process?

At the start-up conception stage, demand generation naturally consists entirely of lead outreach and closing deals. How to go about doing that:


What do the first few people that will pay enough attention to adopt your product look like? Assemble a list of individuals that fit the profile for initial conversations and targets. Start with a list of a thousand names and set up 100 conversations. Writing out your pitch will help with early conversations as well as refining the profile going forward.


This may even mean cold calling, however introductions and recommendations from connections are much more likely to lay professional foundations. Now is the time to build business relationships with in other companies and create partnerships within other industries.

Remember to be personal; people choose to buy things, not corporations. Find someone who likes to talk; isn’t afraid to take risks, and sees bringing in your product or service and making it successful as a way to develop their business.


Often start-ups having issues with demand generation marketing at this stage, as they misidentify the problem to be marketing, when it’s really finding an appropriate product-market placement, an issue that’s worth solving or the right partners to provide the service with.

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