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New opportunities for legal support of blockchain projects in 2022

July 13, 2022

Over the past few years, the development of new technologies has served as an impetus for a significant expansion of the crypto-asset market. In turn, the combination of an exponential increase in potential blockchain applications has become a real reason for the emergence of a new format of the digital economy. It is an entirely new product that has launched a mechanism for additional control by regulatory authorities.

If you need legal support for a blockchain project, you can sign up for a consultation with our company's experts.

We assist in registering a crypto-company, choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction for you, and also provide a service for opening a corporate account in a foreign bank. Our specialists work quickly, professionally, and legally. We are waiting for your requests!

What a blockchain project is:

The blockchain project is a startup directly related to releasing crypto-assets, storage and trading.

What crypto-assets means:

Crypto-assets can be considered an electronic currency, an alternative to centralised national currencies. The first and most widely used digital currency is bitcoin.

Another common term in use is crypto-asset. It can be used as a universal tool for any form of digital asset that exists only on the Internet. The crypto-asset uses cryptography, peer-to-peer networks and distributed ledger technology (DLT), which is responsible for the creation of any new units. In addition, DLT helps to control transactions and ensure security without the involvement of third parties.

Crypto-consulting in action:

It is no secret that the professionalism and coherence of the work of a team of experts and partner lawyers around the world are determined by the ability to quickly respond to any challenges and make the right decisions in the current situation. Our team specialises in critical issues, including in the field of crypto assets. Moreover, we combine the accumulated legal experience in various areas of activity. It includes corporate and commercial dispute resolution, criminal, regulatory, family, construction, real estate and employment. In addition, our experts are ready to provide advisory support and provide legal support for blockchain projects on several issues:

- tracking crypto-assets;

- control and ownership of crypto-assets;

- valuation of digital assets;

- fraud concerning crypto-assets;

- using income from investments in crypto assets to purchase real estate;

- investigations by the FCA and other regulatory and law enforcement agencies;

- security token offerings (STO) and initial coin offerings (ICO), which include:

* review and recommendations on the content of official documents;

* drafting and advising on the terms of contribution agreements for the issuance of coins and tokens;

* review and advice on the terms of the exchange of coins and platform tokens;

- how is the legal support of blockchain projects carried out;

- anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) recommendations;

- advice on wills and trusts in relation to digital assets.

Blockchain lawyers:

Our cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyer partners have been helping corporations, family and private businesses, start-ups and individuals from the beginning of these technologies. They draw on their specialised technical and business expertise and the firm's multidisciplinary approach to better represent clients in all aspects of blockchain technology. These include inventions, brand protection, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, commercialisation, energy purchases, mining, and licensing. With the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero, to name a few), new legal challenges in these innovative areas are emerging every day. Nevertheless, we try to help our customers so that they can quickly navigate the new conditions. To do this, we provide our clients with legal support for blockchain projects.

In close cooperation with clients, it is easier for us to understand their interests and to build a strategy that will lead to a sustainable results in the future. We provide legal support for blockchain projects by a team of lawyers. Our team has extensive experience in areas that affect digital currencies, including ICOs and related regulatory hurdles, corporate and securities laws, intellectual property, banking compliance, private equity, real estate, corporate M&A, privacy and cybersecurity. Suppose you have a dispute that requires legal intervention. In that case, you can count on the expert support of our lawyers, who have proven their competence in providing favourable solutions for both plaintiffs and defendants.

For many years of work in the international market, we have accumulated extensive experience in legal support of blockchain projects. This knowledge covers many current and emerging technologies such as:

- equipment design;

- digital currency;

- development and policy of software, websites and applications, etc.

Today, information becomes outdated very quickly. Sometimes this happens even before the moment of its actual appearance in the media. Therefore, we adhere to essential criteria, the main of which are relevance, reliability and relevance. We try to stay abreast of changing trends, constantly update and structure information flows and advise clients on issues related to the initial coin offering (ICO) and crowdfunding.

Our blockchain legal team works closely with intellectual property, business and corporate law groups. In addition, a relationship has been established with tax practices to provide qualified assistance to clients on corporate structure.

We also offer qualified support in commercialisation with licensing, sale, marketing and other commercial use of clients' intellectual property assets. We are ready to assist in transferring and acquiring technology, including creating partnerships, joint ventures, franchisees and other strategic alliances. In addition, we provide legal support for licensing and contractual agreements required for blockchain projects and the protection of confidential information, including non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

We have a rich history of advising regarding blockchain projects and representing companies in the cryptocurrency industry with the provision of consumer and financial services, as well as application and software development, e-commerce companies, tokenised game assets, mining and hosted mining services, mining hardware and software, payment services on trading floors.

Our clients include big (and not so big!) blockchain innovators, miner groups, investors and industry associations. In addition, we advise clients of the virtual currency industry on various regulatory issues. The matters include compliance with commodity and securities laws and regulations. We support internal policies and practices to ensure compliance.

We cooperate with leaders in legal support of blockchain projects from other law firms. In addition, we work with individual clients and the community to advance the industry. We are ready to solve your problems and make the most of strategic opportunities.

The profile of our practice group is focused on mining, blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

Contact our experts if you are at the beginning of your journey and are just planning to work with blockchain or have already accumulated sufficient industry experience but need advisory support. We are ready to help you if you contact the specialists of our company. Furthermore, you will receive qualified assistance in the form of legal support for blockchain projects. We are waiting for your requests!

We provide blockchain services that cover the following areas:

- software;

- copyright, trademark, trade secret;

- smart contracts;

- Internet transactions;

- dApps (decentralised applications);

- licensing and technology transfer;

- non-disclosure and transfer agreements;

- trial;

- website design/software agreements;

- technology and intellectual property;

- blockchain solutions;

- anti-money laundering and cybersecurity programs;

- financial services, business compliance;

- decentralised ledger technology;

- data privacy and security;

- business operations and the creation of corporations;

- federal and state investigations;

- securities and commodities;

- digitised assets;

- insurance;

- supply chain logistics.

How to get legal support for blockchain projects with ICO/STO/IEO, if you need it:

In addition to providing the declared services to clients concerning cryptocurrency or their specific project, our specialists provide support in such areas as:

- advice on anti-money laundering protocols;

- documentation and review of materials for ICO/STO/IEO;

- advice on legal aspects of various business methods.

It's no secret that when doing business, force majeure sometimes happens. In these conditions, having an experienced lawyer who will help you quickly solve the problem is not a luxury but a vital necessity.

We are ready to provide you with legal partners in many countries, the main advantage of which is the extensive experience in providing advisory services on a wide range of projects.

How to get legal advice on cryptocurrency projects:

Let's say you have an exciting idea or a unique project but don't know where to start. You will need a consultation with a specialist to help you make your choice.

How exactly we can help you:

- we are ready to advise you on the protection of ideas and intellectual property;

- we are ready to help you quickly adapt to compliance in various legal jurisdictions;

- we will advise you on compliance and registration with government agencies and organisations, as well as on many other issues.

We are ready to provide you with legal partners in many countries, the main advantage of which is the extensive experience in providing advisory services on a wide range of projects.

The listed set of services is the legal support of blockchain projects. If you contact us, we will help you solve your problems related to various operations and financing in different jurisdictions and methods.

VIP crypto-consulting:

You need to understand that every blockchain project must have a qualified and informed lawyer.

There is no doubt that running a business is usually emotional and sometimes even stressful. But, most of all, it concerns the enterprises using advanced technologies. These include cryptocurrency technology and blockchain. In this regard, we advise you to think in advance about a qualified lawyer. The presence of such a specialist as a legal advisor to a business will provide you with many advantages.

It is no secret that sometimes, one of the decisive factors for new business and cryptocurrency projects is trust. But, at the same time, the presence of legal support will be able to provide the necessary limit of confidence in your project.

In addition, investors can trust partners more if they have legal support for blockchain projects. It will help avoid potential legal and operational issues and errors in the performance of business functions.

If you need cryptocurrency advice, you can contact the specialists of our company. Qualified cryptocurrency lawyers will help you access international and domestic markets for investment and build your client base.

We are ready to advise you on cryptocurrency issues and provide other services to create a successful business.

When contacting us, you will receive legal support for blockchain projects. In addition, the list of services provided includes assisting in registering a crypto-company in the most appropriate jurisdiction and opening corporate bank accounts.

We provide advice from our experts on several issues, including the selection of a foreign bank account. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact us through any communication channels on the website. We are waiting for your requests!

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