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Yellowslip Conversion From Meu1 to Meu3 for Uk Nationals Living in Cyprus

March 28, 2018

Following the result of the referendum of 23rd June, Britain will in due course be leaving the European Union. The British High Commissioner outlined the processes currently being followed within government to prepare for the Brexit negotiations in order to find an outcome for the UK nationals living abroad in Cyprus.

In preparation for Brexit, the High Commissioner and the Cyprus government are working conscious of the concerns of many British nationals currently living and working overseas in Cyprus and how Brexit may affect them.

The High Commissioner has highlighted the required support of UK expats living in Cyprus and the rest of Europe. He also stressed that the welfare and livelihoods of UK citizens overseas will continue to be a top priority for the UK Government.

Below we can offer tips for UK nationals living abroad in Cyprus with a valid yellowslip:

UK nationals living in Cyprus as residents should apply for their yellow slip (or MEU1 form). Further information on how to do this can be found here.

The Immigration Department has advised that UK nationals who have been living in Cyprus since before its accession to the EU (2004) should arrange to have their Alien Registration Card (ARC) converted into an MEU1 (yellow slip).

Once you have your yellow slip, after 5 years residency you qualify for permanent residency and the MEU3.  Proof will be required to show that you have been resident on the island for that period and the immigration office will charge a fee of 35 euros to convert your MEU1 to a MEU3 form.

If you have an ARC stamp in your passport you need to convert this to an MEU1 and, if you have been here for 5 years, we would advise you to immediately apply for the MEU3. There is an upcoming meeting to clarify which branches of Immigration will deal with the transfers and which paperwork will be needed for applicants.

Eltoma Corporate Services is offering a conversion transfer for all holders of the MEU1 to the MEU3 form; booking appointments and arranging all documentation on our applicants behalf to ensure they remain fully legal in Cyprus after March 2019. Contact us for more information.

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