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Corporate Law

Corporate law is a set of rules, regulations, laws and legal practices that govern the creation and operation of corporations. Corporate lawyers can help with the matters that require an understanding of the rights and obligations of all individuals involved in the creation, ownership and management of a corporation.

EL&CS can assist in a proper business organisation, build an optimal corporate structure, establish company management processes, resolve corporate disputes, and conduct restructuring procedures to minimise the risks associated with the actions of creditors.

Our company has experienced lawyers who can help resolve legal issues and provide the following services in the field of international corporate law:

•       services for the establishment, re-organisation and liquidation of companies, including those with foreign investments, in various jurisdictions;

•       structuring and support of M&A transactions, including transactions with “problem” legal entities and companies with unprofitable assets;

•       corporate restructuring of legal entities groups (holdings), work with non-core assets, support for large business structures;

•       accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities;

•       legal support of all corporate events (general meetings of participants /shareholders, boards of directors, committees, trustees and advisory boards);

•       verification of legal entities, business or assets (due diligence procedure);

•       examination of obligations, corporate documents, investment projects, transactions;

•       support and resolution of corporate disputes between participants and shareholders, negotiation;

•       development and verification of shareholder agreements, agreements between the participants of the company;

•       support of procedures for increasing and decreasing the authorised capital;

•       protection of the creditors or debtors interests during liquidation and bankruptcyprocedures, etc.

If you have any questions related to corporate law, please contact us, and our specialists will consult you for free.


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