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Immigration Law

One of the fundamental principles of the rule of law is that the law“ should be accessible and, as far as possible, comprehensible, clear and predictable” (Tom Bingham, Rule of Law, 2010). The reasons for this should be obvious. Just as it is impossible to play sports honestly without knowing the rules, it is also impossible to live honestly without knowing the law, or at least not being able to figure it out.

Unfortunately, immigration law can not be described as really simple. The first problem with immigration law is finding out what it says about. Often, in order to correctly interpret some particularly complex provisions of the immigration law, the help of specialists may be required.

Eltoma Corporate Services offer successful immigration consultancy services, in a number of different jurisdictions worldwide, using local HR and immigration experts privy to the relevant country’s regulations. We offer corporate immigration solutions to businesses and individual visa requirements.

Eltoma Corporate Services employs accredited Immigration Consultants, Qualified Solicitors and ex-Immigration Officers to assist our clients successfully complete their immigration requirements.

We hope that the information on international immigration law published on our website will be useful for you.

We are currently providing immigration support for relocation to Cyprus, Singapore and the UK.


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