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Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)

ECI means Estimated Chargeable Income. It is an estimate of a Singapore company’s chargeable income for the given Year of Assessment (YA). The amount of ECI declared is based on the amount before the deduction of any exempt amounts under the partial tax exemption or tax exemption schemes for new start-up Singapore companies.

Cyprus & Bvi: the Countries That Are Revolutionising Global Tax Planning

Financial analysts and organisations are beginning to welcome the idea that in specific cases, tax efficiency isn’t enough when structuring a business vehicle that will be automatically placed under investigation by certain countries that are becoming increasingly wary of any tax avoidance patterns or practices.

The Panama Papers: Implications for the offshore world

Agenda: Panama Papers: details about what happened and why. Offshore companies: are they legal. Mossak Fonseca. Worldwide reaction & response to the leak. Consequences: cause & effect.

How to Effectively Use Software to Improve the Purchasing Process Within Your Company

Application of a manual process could work when managers have the persuasive skills and time to carry busy employees with them and apply the rigour required to consistently apply invoice approval and coding practices. Alternatively, the process can be significantly improved by introducing software.

How to Register a Branch in Cyprus

Overseas companies may register a branch in Cyprus, according to the Companies Law, Chapter 113, regulated by section 347. A branch will not essentially consider as being a new legal entity in Cyprus.

EU: Cyprus Competitive Advantage at Risk With Tax Consolidation Reforms

Cyprus is likely to have repercussions as a result of Jean-Claude Juncker ’s favouring of a relaxation in EU regulation formation and monitoring schemes, reinforced by qualified majorities on matters including the additional synchronisation of blanket taxation rates across Europe.

ACRA Release New Initiatives for Singapore Filing Agents

ACRA have released new guidelines introduced to update the current system, bringing it transparently in line with other jurisdictions; going forward, businesses will be offered a copy of their business profile and the amount of information available for public use will increase substantially.

Complete Withholding Tax Guide in Singapore 2015

Despite having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, as a jurisdiction, Singapore still offers many incentives for investors including tax holidays and concessions, accelerated depreciation schemes, and favourable loan conditions to attract foreign investments.

Obtaining an Epass and Entrepass in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower requires foreign highly skilled professionals, Managers, Executives, specialists or entrepreneurs who wish to work in Singapore need an Employment Pass to commence employment. The Entrepreneur Pass is a type of employment pass for foreign entrepreneurs who would like to start and run a company in Singapore.

Doing Business in Singapore

Eltoma Corporate Services in Singapore. Companies in Singapore. Company incorporation. Company maintenance. Tax treatment. Key benefits.

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